About Us

Not Just Another Sparkling Water

Juve is a functional, carbonated water engineered to enhance attention and elevate ability through a unique blend of herbs, vitamins, electrolytes, and a refreshing splash of 100% natural brain-boosting fruits.


Juve was selected as one of the 2021 Hultz Prize Regional Finalists!

The Problem

A consistently high level of focus is expected from students, athletes, executives, and laborers everywhere. To attain this unreachable state, many have turned to high-sugar calorie-dense energy drinks, have developed enduring caffeine addictions, or have even resorted to prescription drugs. These methods are unhealthy, dehydrating, depleting, and ultimately unsustainable. Unfortunately, finding a focus supplement that is natural, sustainable, stable, nutritious, and hydrating, or just plain healthy, has been nearly impossible. The need for such a product is vital.


The Solution (Us!)

Meet Juve. Juve is the ideal solution for clean, quality focus. We have mixed purified sparkling water, focus enhancing herbs, brain boosting vitamins, hydrating electrolytes, and 100% natural and incredibly refreshing fruit flavors to brew perfection. Open a can of Juve to unlock your full potential/brain power. What we say here at Juve is “Relax. Recharge. Rejuvenate.”

Juve is for the mind, in more ways than one. Our product fuels the brain, but our company, Hiphe, supports the mentality. Juve is intended to be an advocating force for the importance of mental health and well-being. In pursuance with this commitment, part of our mission includes providing our customers with mental health resources accessible on our website to be used for their support. More tangibly, once we pertain sufficient funding, we aspire to donate a portion of our proceeds to mental health causes.

Hiphe was founded with the mission: “To ‘can’ the negative stigma that surrounds mental health and well-being, and to highlight these issues through our brands and actions, to be the change we wish to create.”